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Man on Wire

Review by Matthew Frendo

It's hard to really critique a documentary, when the film deals with another man's accomplishments.  It's almost unfair, because I have no desire to blaspheme another's work (especially when I can't do what said protagonist did), yet a negative review comes across that way no matter what.  Well, frak it (that was a purposeful Battlestar Galactica/Veronica Mars reference, btw), I'm going to have to give it a go anyways.  What I do for you people...

This movie was BORING...  I was bored like 3 minutes into it, but decided to stay for the other hour and 27 minutes purely for review purposes.  It's the kind of documentary where they have background music that unnecessarily changes constantly throughout the movie, ruining any flow and nullifying any desire to see more.  Not only that, but I was somewhat lost on where they were or what they were doing at parts (in all fairness, this may be due to the previously mentioned boredom...).  This may be a perfect film, if you're looking to cure insomnia without taking any drugs (...then again, in this day and age, who does anything without taking drugs for it first?).

The protagonist's main feat was wire-walking between the two buildings comprising the “Twin Towers”.  And this feat was BADASS, especially for the time!  Make no qualms about it, this guy was one hardcore SOB who deserves respect from myself and everyone else, as I would not dream of even trying such a stunt.  And the scenes where you see him walking (he also did a show on Notre Dame Cathedral) is amazing.  I admire his diligence, balance, courage, and guts in doing this deed.  I even admire his reasoning (he did it without a reason for doing so...just for the sake of doing...I hope that wasn't a spoiler!). 

So truly, his quest to do this could be an interesting film.  It, sadly, wasn't this time around.  I found myself zoning out and daydreaming during parts, which is never a good sign.  The supporting people in it seem nice, and are interesting themselves, which makes this film more of a travesty, as it could have been SO much better than it was.  This was purely a directorial problem.  However, that kind of problem usually ruins a movie (as it did here)...

2 / 5 stars

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  • Drew @ 09/30/2008 ( 3:34:04 AM )

    Just saw Man on Wire, and agree completely with your review. A very boring and totally over-rated film, but the few scenes in which he's actually on the highwire are incredible. You're right about the music, too ... totally detracted from the flow.

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