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Transporter 3


Review by Chris Maitland

This is not going to be a long review; however, given the subject matter, it doesn’t really need to be, does it?  If you’ve seen either of the first two Transporter films, or any Jason Statham film for that matter, you know what you’re going to get, and Transporter 3 delivers more of the same.

In this film, Statham is back playing the role that made him an action star, Frank Martin, a professional “courier” with mad driving skills and a tricked-out automobile.  This time around, he has to transport Valentina, the daughter of a powerful Ukrainian cabinet minister, from Marseilles to Odessa. But there’s a snag, you see; at the behest of the movie’s villain (played by Prison Break’s Rob Knepper), both Frank and Valentina have been fitted with bracelets that contain powerful explosives, explosives that will detonate if they go more than 75 feet from Frank’s car.

The action sequences in this film are terrific.  They significantly ramped up the level of action from the last installment, from the chase scenes to Statham’s trademark martial arts skills; those hoping to see Frank take on a dozen bad guys with nothing but his wardrobe and a few nearby objects will not be disappointed.

Statham has pretty much cemented himself as this decade’s Seagal or Van Damme, the go-to guy for low-budget action flicks.  In all three Transporter films, he manages to bring a significant level of cool to the role, though it would probably make him more charismatic if he were to lighten up at times.

I also really liked Robert Knepper as the villain. He really brought the same eeriness and creepy vibe he brings to his role as “T-Bag” on Prison Break. He is born to play villains and he executes his role perfectly.   On the other side of the coin, Natalya Rudakova was quite annoying as Valentina, and the “romance” that develops between her and Frank felt extremely forced, but it didn’t detract from the film too much.

Basically, if you want to see Jason Statham do what he does best, then this is for you. There is excellent fight scenes, car chases other assorted confrontations. The action is top-notch, with plenty of tense moments.  Statham is a pure action star and there really is none better than he at what he does.

3 ½ / 5 stars


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