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The Uninvited


Review by Patrick Hodges

I am not a big fan of horror movies… only about 10% of the films that I see belong to this genre, and of those, almost all of them are either a sequel, a reboot or a knockoff of an Asian horror movie.  It’s gotten to the point that all I expect when I pop a horror flick into my DVD player is that it should be 1) at least SOMEWHAT scary, 2) not predictable and 3) somewhat original.  The Uninvited, I’m happy to say, meets all of these criteria.

In this film, trouble teen Anna (Emily Browning) is returning home following a stint in a psychiatric ward, where she had been since the tragic death of her mother and her subsequent suicide attempt.  But she comes home to find that her father (David Strathairn) is making whoopee with her mother’s old nurse, a young woman named Rachel Summers (Elizabeth Banks), who seems to have a very sinister side.

Before long, Anna and Rachel are at odds, and it becomes apparent that “one big happy family” is not in the cards.  So Anna and her older sister Alex (Arielle Krebbel) try to find out what Rachel’s true motive might be, because it’s the only way their going to convince Daddy otherwise, given that he seems to have blinders on to the whole situation.

As you can imagine, the situation escalates to a point of violence.  I won’t give away the ending - one that I honestly did not see coming, so there’s that.  There really is not much to say about The Uninvited; it’s a good cure for boredom on a night when there’s nothing else on, but not much else.  Not the worst horror movie ever, but nowhere near the best.

2 ½ / 5 stars

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