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The Haunting in Connecticut

Haunting in CT

Review by Mark Lengieza

This is certainly not my type of movie.  I am not a fan or the horror genre in general.  It seems like they pump out about 10-12 of these films per year, and they are usually terrible.  For the most part, I have sworn off the genre.

However, I went to see this one because my girlfriend really wanted to see it (us being in Connecticut and all), so I went to appease her.  I didn’t expect anything but an hour and a half of cheap gimmicks and a completely ridiculous plot.  This movie, however, was a pleasant surprise.

Now, it’s not the best movie in the world, not by any means, but it was good for what it was.  Like I said, I’m not a horror fan, but this film actually had a pretty good story behind it.  It was not terrifically scary, and anyone that is expecting to be sufficiently scared may be disappointed, but there were some very creepy elements.  The bodies with strange lettering carved into them were legitimately creepy.  There were quite a few times where they made me jump, which is to be expected, it’s a common horror technique.

I really liked the way the film ended.  There was a nice little twist and the character arc of the two principle characters was wrapped up very nicely.  This is not something you see often from a horror movie.  I left the theater feeling satisfied with the experience, rather than wanting to go find the director and punch him. 

I would recommend the film, especially if you enjoy horror.  You might like it even more than I.  I don’t think this film will be remembered 5 years from now, but it’s a nice little thrilling film that is good for a night out with your significant other.

3 ½ / 5 stars

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