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Review by Patrick Hodges

Let’s see:  “A successful married executive has an indiscreet fling with a sexy blonde woman, who turns out to be crazy as a loon, who threatens not only his career but also his family.”

What movie am I describing?  If you guessed 1987’s Fatal Attraction, you’re half-right.  That movie was one of the tensest thrillers I’ve ever seen, and Glenn Close’s Alex Forrest is right up there with Norman Bates and Patrick Bateman as the big screen’s scariest psychos of all time.

And believe you me, you’d be far, FAR better off renting Fatal Attraction than this generation’s version substandard knockoff, called Obsessed.  Substitute Idris Elba for Michael Douglas, Beyonce Knowles for Anne Archer, and Heroes’ Ali Larter for Glenn Close, and you have a film that wouldn’t scare a child.

Larter plays Lisa Sheridan, a temp(tress) who goes to work for Derek Charles (Elba), and instantly becomes fixated on him.  Charles does his best to be nice to the new girl, which, of course, she takes completely the wrong way, and before you know it, she’s gone into full-on stalker mode.  Realizing he’s in over his head, Charles pushes her away, but not before getting into some hot water with his wife Sharon (Knowles).  Jeez.  At least Douglas got to sleep with his mistress.  Elba doesn't even get to do that...

The acting is really nothing special.  There is a tiny amount of drama, but you know pretty much ten minutes in how it’s all going to end (hint: exactly the same way as Fatal Attraction).  Larter is fairly good as the creepy sexy girl, and Christine Lahti is utterly wasted as a police detective.  The rest is just B-list actors cashing paychecks.

I wondered why this movie, which did so well at the box office for an April release, had such a low User Rating at IMDb.  Well, now I know.

1 ½ / 5 stars

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