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Mo'Nique playing the role of diva?

Mo'Nique has been getting rave reviews for her performance as an abusive mother in the film Precious. In reality it appears she has been playing the role of diva. The film premiered in Sundance last winter and has been riding a high ever since making its rounds at the Toronto and New York Film festivals. One problem though. Mo'Nique has been no where to be found.

Everyone else involved with the film, including the likes of Mariah Carey and Oprah, have been making festival appearances and doing interviews to promote the film. According to sources the actress has been making some absurd demands to help promote the film "including wanting her stylist flown in first class and a $100,000 appearance fee for the actress to show up at the festival premieres".

Now apparently Tyler Perry and Oprah have instructed Lionsgate to market the films other stars (Gabourey Sidibe and Mariah) more and Mo'Nique less.

This film was looking like Mo's big break but at this point she is really floundering this huge opportunity. She is also aggravating Tyler Perry and Oprah in the process which can never be a good thing for someone in the industry. The film comes out in November so she still has some time to start thinking straight.


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  • Chris K. @ 10/05/2009 ( 10:31:02 PM )
    She's really messing up here. The Academy is very fickle (remember Eddie Murphy losing due to Norbit?) and this could cost her the best to ever happen to her career. Making demands to promote her movie? This is the same women who starred in freakin' Phat Girlz.
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