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Poster-Rama and Quad-Mania #1

Hello, I'm the new poster on the site. I am Buscemi, whom you may remember on The Fantaverse and previously Fantasy Moguls. I have nothing to explain about myself (unless you ask) so I will get to the basics of this post.
This post contains various new movie posters from the US and the UK. Maybe a few posters from other countries will appear. Well, here we go.
Where The Wild Things Are
I like the teaser poster more.
A Christmas Carol
The poster is decent but it's nowhere near as good as the German poster.
A Christmas Carol- German
Another case of "the teaser poster was better"/
The Messenger
It's okay I guess.
The Men Who Stare At Goats
"Hey, I hear Goat is really good in this."
"Yeah, that kid is going places."
I know, lame pun. But I admire the Overture marketing department for originality there.
New Moon
I don't really care. Next one.
Planet 51- US
Dwayne Johnson looks scary. I see why the aliens are frightened.
Did You Hear About...
Unlike most tagline puns, this one is actually pretty funny. Also, I like that Sony chose to simple and not plaster the cast onto a corny situation.
Wow, they are still doing After Dark's Horrorfest?
Tooth Fairy
Oy vey.
The Crazies
Simple yet eye-catching. Hopefully Overture doesn't deceive us like they did with Pandorum.
Don't get me started on how bad this poster is.
The Fourth Kind- Canada
A little too blah for me. The tinkering with the colors hurts it.
Planet 51 - Canada
Please Mr. Rock- err...Johnson, don't kill us.
The film is one of my most-anticipated but I can see why it flopped at the box office in the UK. I can't tell if it's a movie on Darwin or the prequel to Project X.
Descent 2
This sounds like an interesting albeit unneeded sequel. I just wonder if it will ever get a US release.
Ong Bak 2
I bet that if you went to a UK cinema and saw this poster while in the queue, you would probably think only about that poster for the rest of the day.
Taking Woodstock

Eh. The American one-sheet with the blacklight look is leagues better than this Photoshop job.
A bland poster compared to the US teaser posters but this one actually shows you the real movie. Yes, it really is a bland video game-esque movie on a ship.
Well, I did my work and I think I did it well. Comment on the bottom.

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