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Predators Reboot Finally Gets A Cast

As you may or may not know, Sin City director Robert Rodriguez has long been planning a reboot of the Predator series. Well, finally, Variety has let us in on who will be taking on the race of aliens who almost killed Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Glover. It is being reported the Oscar winner Adrien Brody will be headlining next summer's blockbuster, playing a mercenary named Royce. Spider-Man 3's Topher Grace will also be present, more than likely playing an accountant who also happens to be a serial killer(?). Rounding out the cast are The Shields' Walton Goggins, I Am Legend's Alice Braga, Louiz Ozawa, and Rodriguez favorite Danny Trejo. Rodriguez has opted not to direct, instead he is only producing and letting Vacancy helmer Nimrod Antal do the lensing on this one. I personally don't think neither Brody or Grace have the physique or acting chops to pull being a merceneary or a serial killer, respectively. What do you guys think? Filming starts this month and Predators will hit theaters on July 9th of next year.

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