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New Trailer - "Bad Lieuteant: Port of Call New Orleans"

Nicolas Cage has taken his lumps in the last few years, but somehow, the man just keeps on plugging.  And now, he turns in what just may be his biggest critical rave since Leaving Las Vegas.
Reuniting with Ghost Rider co-star Eva Mendes (who turned in a very good performance in her last outing, Seven Pounds), Cage portrays Terence McDonagh, who is called into action to investigate the murders of Senegalese immigrants, with rather interesting consequences.  New Orleans is helmed by notable German director Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man, Rescue Dawn).
Cage usually plays flawed characters, and sometimes he even plays them well without going too over-the-top.  If he can imbue McDonagh with just the right mixture of good and evil without becoming cartoonish, this just might be one to watch.  The critics sure seem to think so.

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  • Chris K @ 10/10/2009 ( 2:59:17 AM )
    Just FYI, Eva Mendes wasn't in Seven Pounds, that was Rosario Dawson.
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