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New Trailer - "Toy Story 3"

Below you will find the first full trailer for Pixar's next blockbuster, Toy Story 3. Only the second sequel Pixar Studios has ever produced (after Toy Story 2 and before the upcoming Cars 2), this 3rd installment of the beloved Toy Story series revolved around Andy going to college and what becomes of his beloved childhood toys - Buzz, Woody, Rex, and everyone else. The trailer starts off with a wonderful montage of young Andy playing with the gang while his mother records it all; if this is only half as good as Up's tearjerking montage, it'll still be better than any part of every other movies released this year. I personally grew up on the Toy Story movies and have been pissing myself with excitement ever since this movie was announced. Now if we can only get a good sequel to The Lion King...Mark your calendars for June 18th, 2010 and you can catch up with the story so far with the first two films in theaters right now (in 3D!).

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