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First Trailer: Jackie Chan's "The Spy Next Door", Mel Gibson's "Edge of Darkness"

My God.  My first thought after seeing this first trailer?  "No wonder it's coming out in January."
This film really looks horrible.  (And I forced myself to sit through "The Pacifier".)  Probably the worst thing about it is that Jackie Chan has a lot of comedic potential, and it looks like "Spy Next Door" uses none of that.  Billy Ray Cyrus?  George Lopez?   Need I go on?
On an up-note, "Edge of Darkness", which marks Mel Gibson's first stint in front of the camera in quite some time, looks a lot better, even though it seems to be a carbon copy of recent films like "Taken" and "Law Abiding Citizen".  Might be enjoyable, if for no other reason than it brings Mel back to the big screen.

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