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Full-Length Trailer for Cameron's "Avatar" is Imminent!

According to (click HERE for link to the full story), 20th Century Fox will be debuting a new trailer for James Cameron's Avatar this weekend.  While it is not clear exactly which films this trailer, which is reputedly a whopping three-and-a-half minutes in length (perhaps all of them!), what is clear is that it is this trailer, not the hugely-underwhelming one that bowed a couple of months ago, that will be the one that fans salivating for this movie will want to see.
The trailer will reveal much more of the actual story than the first teaser did, so hopefully it will start the Cameron hype-train move down the track.  (Regrettably, those who would prefer to see  the trailer online will reportedly have to wait until October 29th - that is, unless low-quality leaked bootleg versions, which always seem to find their way to YouTube, are enough to satisfy you.)
Apart from perhaps Watchmen earlier this year, I think there has been no film in 2009 with such high fan expectations.  Let us hope that Avatar will continue Cameron's legacy, and succeed where Watchmen failed.

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