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First Trailer (And It's About Time!) - Clint Eastwood's "Invictus"

Post by Patrick Hodges
When Gran Torino got snubbed by the Academy last year, I was incensed.  Director Clint Eastwood has given Hollywood some of its best films, both in front of the camera and behind it.
After waiting many, MANY long months for this trailer, I can finally say the wait was worth it.
This story, a biographical account of the imprisonment, release, and subsequent rise to glory of South African President Nelson Mandela, starring Eastwood's longtime friend and Unforgiven costar Morgan Freeman, could not scream "Oscar" louder if it had a 50,000-watt amplifier doing the job. 
Beyond that, it looks like a thoroughly entertaining film.  Despite my unfamiliarity with the sport of rugby, I know that the combination of Eastwood (who rarely makes a bad film), Freeman (who rarely - if ever - turns in a bad performance) and Matt Damon will be pure gold come December 11th.

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