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Most Anticipated Films for the Remainder of 2009

Some consider the Oscar race of 2009 so far to be weak. Whether you believe this or not, one can not deny that the rest of the films to be released this year look to be very appealing. Here is my list of Top Ten Most Anticipated Films for the Rest of the Year.

1. Nine

Big name stars do not make a movie, but they sure can enhance the effect of it. This one holds the record for something like the most Oscar nominees in one film. To have all of these actors in one film, these stars must have read one great script. Ever since the beginning of "talkies", musicals have been one of cinema's most cherished genres. And to have a director as talented as Rob Marshall on board, it makes it that much more exciting. I can't wait.

2. Invictus

The trailer was just released a few days ago, and this one looks to be an inspiring one. Invictus revolves around the life of Nelson Mandela, and his relationship with a rugby team. I am not exactly sure how Mandela and the rugby team are tied together in the film, but I do know that this could be another Clint Eastwood masterpiece.

3. Up in the Air

This film seems so relevant in a time like this, and that could help it's chances at the Academy Awards. Up in the Air focuses on a man whose job is to fire people for a living. It will take skill by director Jason Reitman to make a character with this job actually one the audience can empathize with.

4. Precious

Precious looks like a sad, yet hopeful film. It has gotten rave reviews from the film festivals, with strong support for Mo'nique's performance. If done right, this movie could "pull a Slumdog Millionaire" at the Oscar awards this year.

5. Leaves of Grass

I, like many, am an Edward Norton fan. He is just a likable guy on screen. So what could be better than seeing him star in a movie? How about seeing him play two characters! Norton plays twin brothers, one an Ivy League professor, the other a pot dealer. This funny idea alone makes me want to see the film.

6. Pirate Radio

This film got pushed back from it's August release date in order to hold its own in the Oscar race. I am hoping the producers made this decision because it is a well-made film. Phillip Seymour Hoffman supposedly plays a DJ running an illegal radio station from the sea in the 60's. If made right, this film could feature some good music, with fun laughs. And it goes without saying that Phillip Seymour Hoffman will give a good performance.

7. The Lovely Bones

Curiosity is the strongest feeling I have towards this film. The Lovely Bones is about a girl who is murdered, and watches over the aftermath from heaven. How can this be made as a classic "holiday movie"? The cast is great, and it is directed by Peter Jackson, so this film must be at least a little special.

8. The Road

The Road looks to be something epic, all while staying a nice father-son story. To combine this science fiction with drama is done frequently, but not always successfully. I have high hopes for this one, just as long as it is done right.

9. Everybody's Fine

This one is getting good reviews, some even saying that this is Robert De Niro's comeback to his level of fame he had in the 70's. I know little to nothing about this film, but because De Niro is in it, I can not wait to see it.

10. Avatar

At the beginning of 2009, this film was supposed to "revolutionize cinema". Upon viewing the trailer, most have dismissed this opinion. But without a doubt, Avatar looks to at least be a milestone in film making. From director James Cameron comes what looks to be a complex visual masterpiece. At this time, one can only hope.

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