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Clash Of The Titans Poster Revealed!

You may or may not remember, a few weeks ago, RS posted some set photos with a first look at Sam Worthington's Perseus, Liam Neeson's Zeus, Ralph Fiennes' Hades, and an overall feeling for how Incredible Hulk director Louis Leterrier will bring the classic tale to life. Now, courtesy of those nerds over at AICN, we have a very early look at the first teaser poster for Clash of The Titans. Apparently, we are not supposed to be seeing this yet, as Warner Brothers has been scouring the 'net forcing sites to take down the image (and 8 others that we couldn't get to in time). I take WB's itchy legal trigger finger to mean that this is simple not just a "maybe" poster, this is probably the real deal. Anyway, make sure to check out Perseus behead Medusa (spoiler!)  next March in regular and IMAX theaters. (See? We're trying to help you out, WB).

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