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Pre Production News

There has been a good amount of pre production news on some sure to be anticipated films this week. Here is a recap of what has been going down.

Spider Man 4: Apparently Sam Raimi has begun casting for a key female role in the upcoming Spider Man sequel. Romola Garai (Atonement) has written in The Observer that she has "put herself on tape" for a role in the film. There was also a rumour from Mania that Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers, The Notebook) has met with producers for a major role. This role is believed to be the villain Black Cat. I guess Scarlett Johanssen has started the domino effect of female villains in big budget comic book movies. Perhaps we might see catwoman in Chris Nolan's next film after Inception?

The Danish Girl: Variety has reported that Gwyneth Paltrow has joined the cast alongside Nicole Kidman. Kidman is playing Einar Wegener, first post-operative transsexual and Paltrow is playing Einar's wife. The film is being directed by Thomas Alfredson who did Let The Right One In, one of my favorite films of last year.

Black Swan: This is the latest project from Darren Aronofsky, one of the best and most creative directors working in the business today. SlashFilm has reported that Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder and Barbara Hersey have joined the cast that already included Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. An odd assortment of actors to say the least but as we have seen in the past Aronofsky can get great performances from pretty much anyone.

I hope Winona has a substantial role I think she deserves a chance to show she still has excellent talent. I don't want to see her as an extra like she was in Star Trek.

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