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STOP! .....Trailer Time

Today was a pretty average day for movie news nationwide. Some casting notices were picked up (some of the original A-Team cast may show up in the movie next year), a couple of posters debuted (From Paris With Love and Extraordinary Measures - nothing special there), and OH YEAH - TWO HOTLY ANTICIPATED MOVIES FROM 2010 HAVE BRAND NEW TEASER TRAILERS!!!
Both Kick-Ass, from the writer of Wanted and starring McLovin himself, and Clash of The Titans, the mega-budget actioner from WB, had their respective teasers hit the Interweb earlier than expected. While the Clash of the Titans teaser looks pretty promising (although I'm sure they could've found a better tagline than "Titans Will Clash"), the Kick-Ass teaser simply does not do the film any justice. The Comic-Con trailer was awesome and I'm not sure why they didn't just clean that up a bit and use it as the main trailer? This teaser plays like an awful rip-off of Mystery Men - why, Lionsgate, WHY?!?! You will find both trailers below and make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments. Or ELSE...

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