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Cop Out


Review by Chris Maitland

Buddy cop films have been a staple of American cinema for a long time; films like 48 Hrs. are considered to be classics. Can Cop Out, the latest film in this genre, make the grade in the ever-expanding world of buddy cop flicks?  I would say yes.

This film centers around the duo of Jimmy Monroe (Bruce Willis) and Paul Hodges (Tracy Morgan). Their unorthodox methods of police work get them in trouble with the chief, and they are both suspended.  This presents a problem for Jimmy, who needs to pay for his daughter’s wedding before her rich stepfather (Jason Lee) steals his thunder, and to do so, he is forced to sell a rare baseball card that he owns.

In the process of selling it, unforeseen circumstances arise, the card ends up stolen and a powerful Mexican drug cartel comes into play.  The pair is then sent careening across New York City looking for the baseball card while simultaneously trying to bring down this powerful cartel.

 This is a solid comedy.  Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan have really solid chemistry and you can tell they had a blast making this film, especially Morgan, who is simply hilarious.  He has great comic timing and just the way he conducts himself, a cop who loves to steal dramatic dialogue from well-known movies, is terrific. Seann William Scott is also pretty solid in his supporting role as a, shall we say, “dense” thief. 

This film does have its flaws though, especially when it tries to get overly serious with the plot.  Said plot, which is already far-fetched enough, isn’t terrible, but it sometimes tries too hard to convince us of that fact.  (And the subplot involving Paul and his wife was both inane and unnecessary.)

Overall, I would recommend this to anyone looking for a pretty good laugh, or, indeed, any Kevin Smith fan. This isn’t Kevin Smith’s best work by any means (probably because he didn’t write the screenplay himself) but it is still fun to watch his work. This won’t join the ranks of buddy cop classics like the aforementioned 48 Hrs. as one of the all tine greats, but it is a solid film that does its job and not much more.

 3 ½ / 5 stars     

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