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Clash of the Titans


Review by Chris Maitlaind

Ah, the joys of remakes. “Remake” is a scary word to a lot of movie fans, and it also raises a lot of questions. Will they kill the integrity of the original?  Will they pull some form of horrible miscasting and completely destroy the plot?  And last but not least, will it suck?  Rest assured, Clash Of The Titans does none of these things, and is a solid remake.

This is a remake of the 1981 cult classic, which was really campy but still a lot of fun.  The plot centers around Perseus (played by Avatar’s Sam Worthington), who is the bastard son of Zeus (Liam Neeson) who was cast into the sea at birth before being found and raised by a fisherman.  Many years later, tragedy strikes during a trip to the city of Argos, whose leaders have become fed up with paying tribute to the gods of Olympus, even going so far as to compare themselves to the diving beings.  This incurs Zeus’s wrath, who sends his brother Hades (played quite eerily by Ralph Fiennes) with an ultimatum:  the king must sacrifice his daughter Andromeda (Alexa Davalos) to an enormous best called the Kraken or his entire city will be destroyed.

Upon discovering that Perseus is the son of Zeus, they send him on a quest with a team of soldiers (and a few local mercenaries) to try to find a way to defeat the Kraken, a journey that is fraught with many dangers, not the least of which is the Medusa, the snake-haired being of myth whose gaze can turn any living thing to stone.  (That particular scene was one of the best of the movie.)

Clash Of The Titans is a very fun, entertaining film to watch, and the effects are top-notch, particularly the sequence in which Perseus and the other soldiers are fighting giant scorpions in the desert, which is one of the visually stunning sequences I have seen in quite some time. Sam Worthington is well-cast as Perseus, who plays him as a classic Greek hero, certainly tough and brave but likeable as well. 

On the down side, this film had its less-than-stellar moments, particularly the scenes taking place on High Olympus, which amounted to little more than the Gods, clad in gleaming armor, standing on… well, nothing.

I am glad that Warner Bros. chose to remake this film.  It was a very good story, and when you throw in all of the terrific special effects (which have come so far since 1981), the end result is a fun popcorn epic-action flick that does its job quite well.

4 / 5 stars

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