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I went to see Kick Ass this morning and practically all the trailers in front of it seemed like the same movie. Is there some new formula where if you put a bunch of tough guys together and have them blow things up and crack lame jokes you will have a successful movie? What exactly is the difference between The Losers, The A-Team and The Expendables? From what I can tell the only difference between the movies is in the cast. The Losers are made up of the C-listers, the A-Team of B-listers and The Expendables of A-listers. Based on that assessment Zoe Saldana got stuck in the wrong action flick. I'll probably end up seeing the B-listers and the A-listers but it really looks like all the same nonsense.

And I am leaving out the latest Will Ferrell film which looks like it is aiming to poke fun at the action prototype but looks just as ridiculous.

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