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Cinemablend posted an interesting article last week discussing how Jon Favreau did indeed wish to direct the upcoming Avengers movie but Marvel did not want to pay him what he was requesting. On top of this they apparently had rough negotiations on Iron Man 2's contract and Favreau was supposedly rushed through production by Marvel.

Their source also claims that " Iron Man 2 wasn’t the movie Jon Favreau wanted to make. Marvel interfered heavily with his work on the movie and turned the project into an infomercial for The Avengers." They also go on to claim that Robert Downey Jr was also unhappy with the production process and end result. Anyone who has seen Iron Man 2 realizes what a dud it was and a far cry from the first installment two years ago.

While nothing in that article has been and probably won't be confirmed by anyone on either side I can't say all of this is too surprising. Just look at Marvel Film Studio's already testy history between them and Terrence Howard and just a few months ago their scuffle with Edward Norton. How many bridges does this studio want to burn? I understand that they want to produce box office hits as cheaply as possible but at some point you have to pay the talent what they deserve.

The Thor footage that leaked from Comic Con looks underwhelming and my gut tells me neither that film nor Captain America will deliver in terms of quality. Marvel just does not have that same professionalism that WB and DC Comics have with its major franchises. Right now Warner Brothers main strategy is let Christopher Nolan and his team do whatever they want with Batman and Superman and pay them for it. Now that is a smart studio. Perhaps Marvel should take heed.

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